Welcome to Ruby Affiliates, the premier affiliate program for Casinex, BetNeptune, and Ace Lucky Casino.

We have established the following terms and conditions to govern your relationship with us as an Affiliate. Please read these carefully before applying.


In this Agreement, “The Company” refers to the affiliate program for Casinex, BetNeptune, and Ace Lucky Casino, while “The Affiliate” refers to you, the applicant. You will use https://rubyaffiliates.com/ on desktop, mobile, and other platforms.


This Affiliate Agreement governs your relationship with the affiliate program for Casinex, BetNeptune, and Ace Lucky Casino. By submitting your application, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined here.

Affiliate Approval

The Company reserves the right to approve or reject affiliate applications at its discretion. The Affiliate and the Company are independent contractors in a non-exclusive referral arrangement, and the Affiliate has no interest in the Company’s operation or affiliate website. The Company will notify you in writing of our decision, which is final and cannot be appealed. If your application is rejected, this Agreement ends immediately.


The Company will supply all advertising campaign details and marketing materials. The Affiliate agrees to effectively advertise and promote the Company on their website by displaying links to the advertising material according to our instructions and referring customers to the Company site. The Affiliate must use our Affiliate Program tracking links and marketing materials unless we agree in writing. The Affiliate must ensure that any advertisement or marketing material is truthful, not obscene or spam, and in compliance with regulatory and compliance information. Any violation of these rules will result in immediate termination of the Agreement.


The Company will provide online access to advertising campaign and fee statistics, and the Affiliate must implement tracking code on their website according to our instructions to track user actions, such as impressions, clicks, registrations, and deposits.


Affiliate agreements are revenue-share by default, and adjusted net win determines commission. Commissions start each month, and the Company may amend the revenue schedule without notification. Affiliates must have a casino player account to get payouts, and the Company may withhold Affiliate payments to verify accuracy. The Affiliate may not receive referral payments for personal use or fraudulent activities.

Agreement Changes

The Company maintains the right to revise, alter, remove, or add to any of this Agreement’s provisions at any time without notice, subject to the terms and circumstances of this Agreement. Your continued participation in the Affiliate Program confirms your irrevocable acceptance of this Agreement and any amendments or modifications thereto.

Data Privacy

Each party shall keep all confidential information of the other party in confidence and use it solely for the Agreement. The parties will coordinate relationship communications, and the Affiliate promises to follow data protection laws.


The Company may terminate this Agreement immediately if the Affiliate violates regulations. If an Affiliate hasn’t checked in for two years and hasn’t replied to the Company’s efforts, the Company maintains the right to close the Affiliate and administrative player accounts. The Company may forfeit any sum in “inactive” affiliate and player accounts.

Contact affiliates@rubyaffiliates.com with any questions. Join Ruby Affiliates now to start earning commissions with Casinex, BetNeptune, and Ace Lucky Casino.